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AI- in protecting healthcare from cyber attacks and providing security
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As clinical data and records are vulnerable, health care organizations are going through major security concerns. The records of the patients are valued by hackers because it is historical in nature as personal, financial or geographical data of...

Nullifying Cyber Sirens in Healthcare Space
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The exponential outburst of data has left no stones unturned in the healthcare technology space. While it allows healthcare firms to create efficient data streams and leverage useful information from, the massive influx of data proliferation has...

Leveraging the NIST Cyber Security Framework (CSF) to Streamline the Information Security Program
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Sam Buhrow, Information Security Cyber Incident Management & Forensics Director, Banner Health

Whether an organization is starting, maturing, or re-organizing their information security program, it quickly becomes apparent that there are no clean lines of ownership or responsibility. And qualified security practitioners, like any other...

Equal Importance of both Cybersecurity Efforts and Patient Care
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Sara Jost, Global Healthcare Industry Lead, Blackberry

As the Internet of Things (IoT) gains traction with smart city projects underway in Singapore, healthcare operators are recognizing the serious need for securing patient data records and connected devices. In fact, truly digital patient care may...

The Job of Cybersecurity is presently addressed as an "Additional Duty"
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Paul Garrin, CIO Partner, Tatum, a Randstad Company

Cybersecurity is an IT voice/data network vertical that keeps some CIO’s awake at night. The history of the office of the CIO has evolved over time. Early on, the CIO ran IT and simply managed the hardware platforms, computers,...

The Tao of Cyber Security in today's reality
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Marc DeNarie, CIO, NaturEner USA & Canada

Undefined Terror… …consumes any cyber security professional, incident response personnelor senior executive when hearing the dreaded word “hacked”. At least this was the case some years ago. In today’s world, not...

Achieving Information Security in Healthcare
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Dan Costantino, CISO, Penn Medicine

Owing to the growing concerns of patient data security, it’s indispensable for the healthcare experts to reassess their information security programs. It is critical to scrutinize whether you have implemented fundamental security...

Healthcare IT Security: Discussing the Challenges, Risks, and Strategies to Prevent Cyber Attacks
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Jennings Aske, Chief Information Security Officer, NewYork-Presbyterian

What are the best ways healthcare organizations can defend against cybersecurity threats? o Healthcare organizations should adopt a cyber framework and not only focus on HIPAA, as the requirements defined by HIPAA by themselves do not...

Extortion through Ransomware
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It is a universally acknowledged notion that attack vectors have always evolved and would continue to evolve over time; ransomware constitute the most blatant piece of evidence for such an evolution. Cyber security experts warn that ransomware...

Increasing Vulnerability of Health-Care Industry to Cybersecurity Breaches
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The health-care industry with its reliance on technology and a wealth of data is increasingly a target of cybercrimes. More than a million patient records have been compromised by cybersecurity breaches of...

Health Care as it could be in 2030
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Alan V. Abramson, Ph.D. SVP of Information Services & Technology & CIO, HealthPartners

As a Chief Information Officer, I spend the bulk of my management time in the real world of I.T. costs, suppliers, business planning, operations improvement, projects, human dynamics and, of course, risk management and cyber security. I expect...

Cybersecurity and Responsibility in the Organization
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Robert McFarlane, Chief Revenue Officer, Mosaic451

Data breaches are frequently followed by executive turnover and, increasingly, class-action lawsuits. Should the CISO reporting structure be changed to improve cyber security and breach accountability? Data breaches and the costs associated...

Reducing and Recovering your IT spend
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Jake Dorst, Chief Information and Innovation Officer, Tahoe Forest Health System

The much-discussed transformation of the hospital CIO from the technically focused, to a role that now encompasses those functions as well as vendor and project management, biomedical/clinical engineering, customer service, enhancing the...

Disrupting Healthcare with IT
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Dan Sheehan, SVP & CIO, DentaQuest

One business segment in the healthcare industry revolutionized by technology is customer service. Technology is empowering our clients and customers while also allowing us to innovate and build functionality that we can extend to them. It is...

Overcoming the Timeless Risk of Human Behavior
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Geoff Brown, CIO, Piedmont Healthcare

As recently as twelve years ago, security in healthcare was a far cry from what we know today. For many Chief Information Officers, security strategy wasn't a top-of-mind conversation and drilling down to specifics was rare. It certainly...

Cybersecurity - A Proactive Approach to Securing Information
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Chad Wilson, Director, IT Security, Children's National Health System

An ideal healthcare system involves open doors, where no patients are denied admission or treatment. An ideal healthcarecybersecurity system, however, requires a closed-door setup with maximum securityto protect the confidential business and...

Healthcare Data Security is Decades Behind: How it Must Catch Up
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James Carder, CISO, LogRhythm

Cybercrime is on the rise in 2015, dubbed “the year of the healthcare hack” as healthcare providers receive federal incentives to implement new Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems. These new systems make the healthcare industry an...

EnviroMerica, Inc.: Healthcare Compliance, IT, and Medical Waste Management Simplified
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Linda Goduci, Co-founder & COO and Julian Goduci, Founder & CEO

EnviroMerica simplifies compliance, IT, and waste management for healthcare. The healthcare compliance consulting company realizes the need for eliminating the complexity of medical waste management while complying with the most recent...

Identillect Technologies: Mastering the Art of Securing PHI
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Todd Sexton, Founder and CEO

Provider of Healthcare compliance solution that ensures the safety of PHI

GTB Technologies, Inc: Protecting PHI and Revolutionizing Compliance Requisites
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Uzi Yair, CEO

Provider of a comprehensive security system known as GTB DLP for ensuring PHI and HIPAA compliance.

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